RRSP/401K Withdrawl to cut CC debt

Is it wise to dip into one’s RRSP/401k to pay down credit card debt.

I was planning to withdraw some money to pay the credit cards down. Once they were down I was then planning to aggressively deposit back into the Retirement pot.

Is this wise??

I would not do it. Your 401K is for your retirement needs. If you dip in it for consumer debt it becomes a slipper slope. Additionally, you may be subject to some penalties for doing so. I would just keep cutting back on expenses and paying down your lowest credit card, then go to the next one as you get excited.

Debt sucks but learn from it and persevere

First of all, don’t lose heart. Debt sucks but learn from it and persevere. You can do it.

The rule of thumb is to pay off the highest interest debt first; however, this ignores human behavior. I would suggest that you pay off the lowest balance credit card first. Still try and make minimum payments. When you pay off the first one, you will likely feel a sense of accomplishment that you can do it. Then go to the next one and knock it out.

Only use your credit card as a last ditch effort to get something you need (food and shelter) not something you want.

That’s what I’m doing… I know Target is lower interest than most, because I owe the least on it. But it frees up the cash for the next to bigger debts. Barclaycard is totally in my crosshairs now. I want to pay Target off, but their charges are about six bucks. So, In this case I am actually socking it to Barclaycard more.

This is a trend with companies down here

I notice this is a trend with companies down here too, they either only hire Part time, or through Temp agencies. This way, they don’t have the responsibility of employee benefits, retirement, etc..etc… One of my neighbor’s kids, 25 years old and he got a data entry job at Chapman U, through a temp agency.

Now, he’d been there a little under four months, and while they make noises about hiring him on perm, the agency is holding and biding their time in stuff they need to do, because as long as Rick works under THEM, they make money.

Then, because we got 3 pay periods in June, regardless of the fact that last one went to JULY bills, SSI is chopping my bennies in half for august. It’s like many folks are being told ‘don’t try to get ahead, we’ll belt ya down some more’. Yeeah!

I work as a legal assistant at a law firm that handles workers’ compensation claims on behalf of the injured worker. More and more companies are using temps for that very reason, to not be responsible for work comp insurance, benefits such as insurance, etc. When injured people do need medical treatment we have to file suit against the temp agency and they are true a**holes to deal with. I am afraid this is going to be more the norm.

Unfortunately, the flip side of what you are discussing are doctors and health professionals who “double dip” on the insurance claims. A good friend of mine used to work for a Workers’ Comp doctor and the doctor billed the insurance twice and always got paid twice.

They get rich over regular working people who have real injuries. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I can spot someone just trying to get a few extra bucks a mile away but the people that are truly hurt get screwed. Some things are just not fair all the way around.

Many folks are only pointing out what has worked for them

Many folks are only pointing out what has worked for them. You want ideas, there it is.

There actually is a letter someone sent to other members about not being able to pay off a debt, You could print it out (customizing it to your own situation)… and why, as well as others saying they (Debt collectors) cannot come after your benefits like disability, welfare and so on.

Getting out of this debt usually involves a visit to the consumer credit counseling places, and such to get some general ideas, even if you don’t “join” their debt relief programs…; then a chat with legal aid to help -possibly- with getting a lawyer to help you in defining your rights and how to fine tune these rights to your situation. Each one of us is in a different place, and what works for one, may not work for me. Same with someoneelse’s tips not working for you etc.

For example, ARE you with any of the temp agencies? Do you accept other types of work, even though you are a teacher and programmer? What other jobs have you applied for? If you have a disability, have you tried to get some benefit, like medical, or a financial stipend?

I for one, really only know you are in the bay area, you mention teaching and programming, but what was your actual job with the boss who laid you off? More actual details and such presented to am advocacy group in your area would be of far more service. We are in debt, and are working (Some of us) and others aren’t.

However, each case being very individual, it doesn’t seem fair you want direct answers without providing much info about your present income…. if any… and who is or could help you there in your family or such.

I have two Masters degrees (one in Mathematics and one in Sports and Fitness Management). For a year after getting the latter I sent our resumes all over the country to get a job in sports administration – no luck there. Meanwhile I had been working for a small data processing firm where I was the sole programmer on two completely different systems. This was the place where there were no benefits. Then I moved on to a class action claims administrator where the guy searching porn worked. During both of these jobs I had to teach math part time at USF to make ends meet and now my only job is the latter where I make only enough to pay my two mortgages.

I will be happy to send my resume to anyone who thinks they can help get me a better job here in the Bay Area.

As far as friends and family are concerned, I’ve tapped my friends for all I dare and my family refuses to help. Neither group does anything about helping me find a job despite my periodic nagging.

The bigger problem is that there isn’t ENOUGH anger

The bigger problem is that there isn’t ENOUGH anger. People in this country should be as outraged at what has taken place as people around the globe have been, but we don’t pay attention here. Most people in the civilized world fear the USA a lot more than Bin Laden. As good Americans, we like to believe that we live in the best country on earth so it’s hard to see the coup that’s taken place for what it is.

We now live in a country that’s governed by corporate and banking interests from around the globe and it makes little difference if we vote for either party. The most I hope for when I vote is gridlock.

I can’t speak for other companies, but we remove people immediately in my company. Sure, we use mailing lists to solicit subscriptions, but without subscribers, we wouldn’t be in business. We do not target all of America, just those who might possibly be interested in our publications.

If not, they let us know, and we quit mailing to them. Also, we NEVER do cold calling of people (thank goodness, I’ve done that and I hated it); we only talk to subscribers whose subscriptions are up for renewal.

I, personally, would rather get a piece of mail that I can throw away, than get somebody on the phone trying to sell me something I don’t need or want.

By the way, we have thousands of subscribers, so “NO ONE” doesn’t apply here.

And as long as you quoting (sort of) the Bible, what about, “In every thing give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

I have a great job, one that I enjoy and one that I’m thankful for. I make no apologies for it. I got it through a temporary/staffing agency. I was hired on a trial basis for 90 days and they liked my work and my attitude well enough to keep me. I don’t plan on being in this job forever, for the time being, I’m very happy with it.

My problem in the last few days is that there HAS NOT been any information about getting out of debt or dealing with the vile debt collectors.

Being underemployed and have someone come on this list to say, “I have a good paying job but I’m still in debt” or “I have a good paying job and I’ve gotten out of debt” is useless to me. If I had a good paying job, the problem would be solved and I’d be gone.

So let’s make a deal, I’ll stop complaining about the woes of the world if people stop sending trite remarks as I’ve indicated above.

I think it’s great that people are getting out of debt. So what how much they make. They are making steps like we all are. Once i pay off my debt you bet i’ll come on here and let the whole world know 🙂 Here is the article – http://www.sptimes.com/2006/07/08/Opinion/Stop_abusive_debt_col.shtml

Neither political party seems to know how to cut or curtail spending

market analysisI have sat here and read a whole lot postings that I think are off topic, so I figured I might as well add a few cents.

It is true that neither political party seems to know how to cut or curtail spending.

But here are a few other facts.

  • 96 percent of all federal tax revenue comes from half of all taxpayers.
  • 53 percent of all federal tax revenue comes from the top 5% of all
  • 3.5 percent of all federal tax revenue comes from the bottom 50% of
    all taxpayers.
  • 44 million taxpayers are estimated to owe no federal income tax and will receive a refund for every dollar that was withheld from their paychecks over the past year.

I thought we were all here to encourage and share ways to get out of debt, not have b%^ch session about people who have been successful financially. I would agree that greedy share holders and CEOs have led to less than stellar scruples. To me, the best ad campaign ever was Prilosec. No one knew what that little purple pill did, but everyone was convinced they needed it. We are the ones who get suckered into those ads if we allow them.

A few more intemperate comments.

The only truly fair tax is the Fair Tax being sponsored by Congressman John Linder. If we believe that the rich should pay a larger percentage, then we fall victim to Karl Marx. We also should believe that before we share a pizza with 3 friends, we weigh everyone. The fattest gets the least and the smallest gets the most.

No where in the Constitution of the United States does it say the Federal Government is to be in the welfare business, giving out free medical care, prescriptions, education, etc. If they got out, they could seriously cut the budget and our tax burden.

Anyone who gets back more money from filing their Income Tax than they paid in is getting welfare. My oldest son did not think that way (nor did I when I was his age with a baby) when he got his first return after filing the Earned Income Credit while in college with one child. Now that he is nearing the upper levels financially, he sees things different, so do I.

Including all tax returns that had a positive AGI, an AGI of $130,080 or more in 2003 constituted the nation’s top five percent of earners. To the top one percent, a tax return had to have an AGI of $295,495 2002 when the thresholds were $126,525 and $285,424. However, top incomes in 2003 still did not equal 2000. At the height of the boom and bubble, $313,469 was the threshold to break into the top one percent.

The number of millionaires who inherited their money is far less than those who worked, saved, and made wise choices and we willing to take risks.

That means that 95% of the wage earners made less than 130k. So if my wife & I reach the 130k level, are we evil? Did we steal money? About 30% of my income is taxable pension from serving 23 years in the Armed Forces. I did not finish college until I was 28 and had spent almost 10 years in the service, working my way up from private to sergeant. While in college, I did ROTC, went back in, and served another 12. I worked 3 part-time jobs in college with a wife and 2 small kids, full class load, plus ROTC and Reserve Drill. I taught myself to program in databases, which led me to my current job. That did not prevent me from being almost $20k in unsecured debt, and another $220k in secure debt (house is 190). I do not want to know how to be rich; I want to know how to keep the transmission from falling out of the car 2 months after the last payment and 1 month after the refrigerator quit. I am, at 46 YO with the youngest paying his way through college, going for my Master’s – only because my company will reimburse me at the end of each semester.

All I am saying is that we all have our stories. Most people do not have it easy and have work, scratch, or claw our way out. I spent 4 months unemployed; I was active in community affairs, professional organizations, etc. That is how I landed my job, that and a whole lot of pray and fasting. We need to look to the Lord and ourselves to get out of debt, to use what we have wisely.

Enough preaching.

Living like animals

I remember “living like animals” when I was growing up. It was very bad. The hurt will remain with me all my life. Simple joys denied. Being different from everyone else.

A sense of isolation and punishment. The denial of basics led me to graduate from college and law school. I had enough finally. Then, I faced a catastrophic chronic illness. My now is pretty bad and my future may not be worth living. This country has vast richness. I see no excuse for for it. My parents worked as hard as the president of the United States. My life seems to be shaped by the lack of things that are taken for granted by most people.

There is disciplined frugal life. There is also much worse. I do agree that increased earnings do not translate to being debt-free. My law school classmates all complained about their debt. We were expected to have too much too soon.

A good letter today!

I got a good letter from MBNA about them receiving my last payments of the loan from 2010! “PAID” is a good thing to see!!

I sold my 1984 Martin guit to get rid of the debt, and feel a lot better now.

I have a LOT of hours this week coming, so will be able to pay another good chunk off Juniper and the Target Card…. (So the Times article about Target was VERY timely)!

I started off in 2010 in the pits. While I’m in no way ‘debt free’, it IS looking up. Little selling off here and there, getting that P/T job and taking hours for the others there, it’s all helping. little bits throughout the years, I’ve shot down three biggies, and have Target, Barclaycard and GE Financial, The collectors, and then I’m up and out I’m thinking in roughly 5 years. 2 more on the collectors, and then the others will be paid with that $300.00 a month. even with the Juniper… even that little $20-35.00 a month extra…. That is making a difference too.

I even got an order for 4 hand painted tee shirts from someone off the internet yesterday who also happens to live locally near to my place (YAY!), and so that’ll net me a bit of spare to use for debt, or to help with regular expenses in August!

No matter how hopeless it seems, it WILL and DOES get better. I made the last payment to Micro center 2 years ago, and paid off MBNA, now to get Target and Barclaycard gone. This alone is a huge step for me. I remember feeling so hopeless and out of it at the beginning of Yule in 2001, But I guess I’m hoping this may offer some hope for others in debt like me.

congrats on all your hard work! it seems to be paying off! Good luck with your plan…. looks like your doing just great!

Thank you… I think when we all have ‘little successes’ it’s good to post to the list so others can see there is light at the end of a dark tunnel. I still have debt, but getting it relieved every time I can is a big step, and makes me feel better.

On the TODAY show this morning, they had a debt lady on talking about how “Sale!” is always in our faces and how we should avoid them, really, because every week there’s a SALE. Half the time we don’t need what we get, but as she says many folks are using ‘retail therapy’ in order to feel better about something or themselves.

I know *I* feel better when I shop for electronics, but can’t. When I get anything now, it is with cash. I feel just as good and almost relieved because I know there’s no more debt on my head when I do get something.

When I quit smoking I gained weight too

When I quit smoking I gained weight too. I was a sleek young woman, and then I gained like 50lbs. With the savings from not smoking however, I joined a health club. Of course, ironically the club membership was one of my downfalls with getting into debt. Since the membership was already paid for, once I started my get out of debt plan (besides a low monthly due) and with a tight food budget then, I worked out at that club at least 4 times per week to get rid of stress, weight and get in shape. It worked and was great diversion. Now, I’m not saying run right out and join an expensive gym (not while in debt) but doing any kind of stress relieving regular exercise that’s free or already paid for is a terrific way to let go of any bad habit, such as smoking, overspending, over-eating….etc….

I’ll never be down to 120lbs ever again in my life, now I’m in the mid 130’s and I’m quite happy with that.

Weight is gained and it can be lost (with some effort), but getting a chronic illness from smoking can be irreversible and will cause early death.

They don’t even get into how they suck people in with low grocery and spend millions on marketing to ensure you buy lots more then just what you need. It is not a lack of self control it is thousands of hours of research by people who do nothing but study how to get you to buy what they want you to buy. With the majority of Americans having trouble with debt and over consuming it is like having an AA meeting in the back of a BEV-MO. I have found the Sales and Coupons, Malls and Superstores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target are problem areas and for me to stay on track I have to stay clear. I no longer have TV and I don’t read the Newpaper those marketing people have a real tough time reaching me.

Farmers Markets, Local Speciality stores where I pay a bit more but I stay on track when it comes to spending.

When one is in bad times, the LAST thing they want to hear is how better off they are than others. That doesn’t change the situation one bit. Further, elderly and disabled get government assistance that I pay a fortune for. Billions spent in Iraq. Buffett giving away his billions for education and disease control. I don’t see one charity that helps white middle-aged men that worked loyally for 24 years only to be let go because he was checking on his mom who had her second hip replacement. The bastard boss had no health benefits and no retirement plan and he’s lounging in Tahoe charging exorbitant rent on SF apts. Please DO NOT tell me things could be worse. As I’ve said many times, if it didn’t scare me I’d just go ahead and kill myself to get out of debt.

Just joined, need advice

Hello. my bk was discharged 12/15. i have since then kept on top of my credit. i had about 11 credit cards and some of them had gone into collections. thankfully everything was discharged. however i looked at my credit report and noticed some things that were all wrong. some of the accounts weren’t even mine so i disputed all the wrong entries. is it normal for accounts that are discharged to appear as the same status they were before bk?

like charge offs? is that common. i know what was discharged and i know the companies were notified. i even notified that collection agencies to be on the safe side. i dont get collection calls or mail anymore but i would like to buy a car soon and i don’t want all these inaccuracies on my account. if i cant have them removed atleast i would like them to be correct. i sent all my proof of the discharge to all 3 credit agencies.

i’m just waiting for the results. all advice welcome. thankss much. oh and how hard is it to obtain financing on a vehicle after bk discharge? what should i expect?

Investing in your Future

This is a website that was given to me in a Money Management class that the City of Jacksonville FLorida gives free through University of Florida IFAS Extension. Check it out. To print the pages highlight the information within the section you want to print and then do a file, print section.


Thanks Great Info. Here’s a Thought to ponder I read there:

“Last year, Americans, who make up only 5% of the world’s population, used nearly a 33% of its resources and produced almost 50% of its hazardous waste.”

My guess at least half was done on credit.

I am not going to be the one to tell you what others might do

However, I will tell you what I done to help myself. To give you a background on me. I am 27, college full time, 2 kids 7 and 5 and my husband is 27 and full time student working on his Doctorate degree. We have 2 new vehicles, and I work from home. I have inherited Attention Deficit (ADD) most people say, bipolar, depression, and a sleeping disorder.(I never sleep, about 2-3 hrs in 24 hour period) I have a really hard time dealing with stress, completing any task I start and I snap if I do not take my medication.

My point in all of this you ask, I resort to spending money as my point of relaxtion. I have an addiction to spending money. I will be on my way to my destination and have 2 dollars only and find myself ordering off of the dollar menu at Micky Dees. (McDonalds)Do you see my point, I was not even hungry.

I enrolled into a church to calm me down and redirect some of my rage. I took on teaching Sunday school and a Special education seminar for parents with Special Needs Children, I began getting counseling threw the church for money management (free most every where including at banks, just ask), I started medication and you would not even believe the change. I in 3 months, paid off 10,000 dollars of debt on my Discover card, 8,000 dollars debt on my visa, and had 4,000 dollars in savings until we went to Disney World w/kids.

Ken there are places in communities, churches, banks and even libraries have classes on finance. Just pick up the phone book and start calling. Also do like my husband if you wife cant budget the check book then sit down do it together or you do it. He took it from me until I new how to control the situation. I still have some problems but with the Lord behind me I can and will accomplish it. I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck.

Unfortunately, that is the way of Politics and capitalism. We are here to get out of the trap laid for us, and that’s it. You live in a good area for public transport, why buy Gas? Times I was in SF, it was a lot like NYC… almost better to NOT have a car to worry about in the City. You don’t have to support their gas habit if you don’t want to, at least not all the time.

I also note SF is one of the highest cost places to live too. If you’re not anchored there, have you thought of getting out of that area? It’s more expensive to live there than where I live and it’s pretty upper end here too…..

Bank debit card would also work if there’s a visa or MC logo on it. No debt, comes out of your checking account right away.

I usually don’t use those services. I go to friends’ houses and borrow their stuff 🙂

The Government does not want us to live within our means

They want us to artificially inflate the economy by borrowing until it hurts. Bankrupting the country is of no concern to them as they are just in office a short period of time. They make as many favorable policy changes during that time and assume when the ^&%$^ hits the fan they can just go on vacation for 10 years and reap the benefits of there actions. If you think that this will continue forever and credit will be pass out like sample cigarettes were 30 years ago then you’re a fool. Eventually everyone has to pay up but when it comes to the government since that is us then what ever they charge us or out children will have to pay.

Besides when government is broke they can’t afford social programs which means that people have to work for cheap. Cheap labor is how big companies make money. Our current government is all about providing for big business as that is who put them in office in the first place. They want to end the social programs that allow people to demand reasonable wages because they hurt those that fund their careers.

The only way to stop this is to not be in a position to be cheap labor and have your financial ducks in a row despite all the pressure to do otherwise. Make sure you help everyone you can to do the same. Lead by example and be that shinning light. Dry up that pool of cheap labor by supporting a culture of financial responsibility with frugal spending and elimination of a consumerism driven lifestyle should be the goal of everyone that finds what is going on appalling.

I will say “things can be worse” Tom. Not to you, right now, true. But think of it this way: If you off yourself, THEY WIN! What then have YOU proven? Why the heck you would have to ‘leave’ is beyond me.

Yeah, I got SSI for years, because of the damn blindness. Because I did NOT want to be a freeloader, I still tried for work! For 22 years and being turned away for something I grew up with…. Not something I ’caused’, so I’m sorry if you paid a few dollars in taxes to keep ‘people like me’ (My quotes) alive. If it makes you feel better, now I pay into the system as well too, and am dang proud to!

I see comments about the elderly and disabled you make, It reminds me of the views I’ve been up against all my life. Even my fellow was told “Your girlfriend’s just a sponger! Livin’ on our taxes… Whyn’t you dump her?”…

I still maintain, my biggest “disability” would usually be the people around me!

BK Question

We filed for BK back in 2015 before the new law went into effect. When our BK was discharged, we assumed that all debts were discharged including some student loans because our lawyer didn’t say otherwise and neither did any of our court papers.

Well fast forward to yesterday, I received a letter in the mail from collection agency, telling me that they have been assigned to collect on a $7,500 student loan plus $720+ in interest and a penalty of $1900+. I tried calling my attorney but only got the answering machine, I even went down to his office and there was no one there. I went to the attorney’s office next door and the receptionist said she hasn’t seen anyone at the office in quite awhile.

So here are my questions,

How do I find out if this was included in the bankruptcy or I still am responsible for it? I have read in several places where some student loans were discharged but it says to contact your attorney for further information.

So now that my attorney is no longer available due to whatever circumstance, who can I go to, to get the information? Can I go to the BK Court clerk’s Office, to another attorney or am I just plain out of luck?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hello im no expert but i would go to the clerks office and request a copy of my bk petition. and some loans are not dissmissable so that might be the issue here.

I did not have to file bankruptcy so I don’t have much personal experience with it, but to be of help to other people I did some extensive research about bankruptcy and one of the things I read over and over again is that there a certain things that can’t be discharged – this was before the laws were changed – they were student loans, legal fees, alimony and or child support.

The other thing about the lawyer, I had to at one point in time deal with a deadbeat lawyer – I paid him upfront for services for my divorce. I could never get a hold of him, he never answered any of the messages I left, when I stopped in his office, he was never there. At one point I called him once a day, everyday for nearly a month. What could have been resolved in about 4-6 months of time, took him close to a year and a half. It was a very quick and easy divorce since my ex-husband had completely disappeared. Obviously he had more important things on his plate than my little divorce case.

I had to file a formal complaint to the Bar Association in my state to put him back on track with the services he owed me. Then on the day of the court date, he was late because he forgot he was supposed to be there, I had to call him and threaten him to be there as fast as possible -ten minutes before I and my witness were supposed to go into the court room. If you still get no response, maybe that’s the next step for you. Especially if you’ve been paying for the services, otherwise if there circumstances beyond his control, he should have a partner of somesort to handle his pending clients… I would think.

It’s time to finally stop paying your bills!

First stop stressing yourself out. They don’t throw people in prison for not paying bills these days unless it is child support. You need to accept and learn to deal with that fact that you can’t keep this up.

Second you need a budget. Budget for rent and minimal food and hygiene and electric and gas, water and garbage and one phone either prepaid cell or a land line(notice NO cable TV), childcare. Once you have those figures then you need to choice whether a car is a need or a convenience and budget accordingly for bus or public transportation or your car. Now add $50 emergency fund per household member and deduct that from your take home pay. What you have left you will put toward paying your credit cards. From today on you will pay yourself first.

Next inventory your assets. Look for anything you can sell. Have a garage sale or use eBay and Craig’s list. Put all proceeds from your asset sells in a savings account. You will use this money as an emergency fund. If you have over $500 then you can use that as a negotiating tool with your creditors. Do not think of credit cards as usable in an emergency. Fund your emergency fund first so you don’t do that. Most people fail and go back to credit cards because they don’t fund an emergency fund. This is not to buy milk or eggs at the end of the month it is to buy antibiotics or pay for something unanticipated that you can’t live without. When I say live I mean physically not emotionally. You use money to meet your physical needs only.

At this point your have cut up all your cards and you won’t use a single one ever again. You have a list of your creditor with the contact information and the amount owed and the minimum payment and the interest rate.

Now let say you have about 50% of what you need to make minimal payments on all your cards. First don’t pay anything until you have your $500 emergency fund. Then pay those who will work with you.

Ignore the rest until they start moving toward you. Make your you get the name and or id of everyone you talk to. Have a pad a paper by every phone. Record the date and the time, person and mailing address and what was said. Don’t give any answers. Tell them you will call them back after talking to your counsel. This is for incoming calls and out going calls. You have a right to end any phone call at any time. Get everything in writing. Say, “When I see this in writing then I can give you an answer”. Don’t accept or give verbal commitments.

You will need to negotiate lower payments. This could take a few months of repeated calls. The best way to lower your payments is to lower the interest. There are many good books out I would suggest you go to your public library and see what they have available. There is loads of information on re negotiate debt and the subject to large to cover here. You also need to arm yourself to deal with collection calls either from your creditors or agency’s that have bought your debt. Looks at previous post and get off all mailing list and phone list for Credit Offers and other sales temptations. Contact all catalog companies that send you catalogs and ask to be removed from their mailing list. Don’t bring them into the house. Stop watching TV as the marketing makes it very hard to stay the course. Stay out of super center type stores. They may have lower prices but they have way too much stuff you don’t need. Shop in the stores that have just what you need.

What ever you do STOP using credit. Don’t Use credit to allow yourself to make your payments. This is a trap and you need to get out of it. It has not worked for you in the past so it is time to change.

Books to read at least once:

Mary Hunt – Debt-Proof Living or Dave Ramsey books

Scott Bilker – Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt

HOW TO SETTLE YOUR DEBTS, by Norman H. Perlmutter

Dana A. Neal – BestCredit

Why do we have to live like this

And why do we have to live like this while a few rich politicians are making millions off $3+ a gallon gas that we can’t possibly afford? If they’d give me back all the taxes I paid that went to Irag, etc, I’d be debt free tomorrow.

Don’t you need a credit card for Netflix? Seems renting videos is a “luxury” according to recent posts. Whatever works for each person… I make lists whenever I go out..I try and stay strong and not give in to impulse buying. I can believe it that they spend big bucks in research marketing. It’s good to be aware!

I hate to say it, but it sounds like you have a fairly bad attitude and a major amount of anger.

Let that go. The only person you are harming is you. I’m a little younger than you, but I do know one thing for sure, and it’s when you have that anger and self pity (about whatever you can’t control – like the war in Iraq, your ex boss’s greed…. etc…) it seeps out of you. Even strangers can hear it and see it around you.

Believe it or not – there are things you can probably be grateful and happy about in your life. Change will happen when you change your attitude.

You’re right to feel the way you do, but the only thing that one can say is that no one can predict the future. Sure things can get worse, but there’s always that chance that life will get better too. That’s all many of us cling to, so I do whatever I can to stall what seems to be the inevitable. If I stopped to think about my situation logically, suicide would appear to be the best option here too, so logic doesn’t serve me well. Instead, quantum physics, where uncertainty is the rule, is the better philosophy.

I’ve been pondering whether to join a gym. The cost- I don’t need it. Yet, neglecting my health and weight will cost more down the road. I joined a gym during law school as a buffer to stress. I was reading intensely every waking hour. It was great to take two hours off and do physical activity. I was lucky enough to be able to join a gym where most of my classmates went. People to say ‘hi’ to-it was nice. Perhaps your post will make it happen. I am very ill right now.

And I have every right to be angry and bitter. I could go on about all the bullshit I’ve been through and have received nothing. Save your goddamn platitudes.

One part time thing I do is teach Excel for a corporate training company. After the class, the owner asked me to help with an Excel spreadsheet in which he could determine how much to give himself in wages and how much in dividends. If you make between something like $160,000 and $335,000 the tax bracket is 39% and magically if you make over $335,000 the bracket reduces to 34%!